The Division PTS 1.4 PC patch notes so far

The Division PTS is going live today and for those that are looking for patch notes, we have a heads-up on some of the changes that Ubisoft will introduce with the test build.

Remember that it is PC only and at the time of writing we can see that PTS is only live on UPlay, not Steam. Hopefully Ubisoft will be releasing to everyone as obviously there’s many of you waiting for the Steam release not UPlay.

In the meantime, Ubisoft has released a partial set of The Division 1.4 PTS patch notes and have said that the full list will be live next month closer to the console release.


Areas targeted with 1.4 included Gear Changes, Gear Scores, High End Gear and Talents, Scavenging, Weapons, plenty of Skill tweaks and much more.

The list of changes with The Division PTS is too long to mention everything here, but you can see the full overview at Ubisoft’s website here.

Are you still waiting for the PTS to go live in your area or are you already playing? Leave a comment below!



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