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Mewtwo Pokemon Go location frustration

Months have passed since Pokemon Go’s launch back in July and fans are still no closer to the Mewtwo Pokemon Go release date which remains the most highly sought after creature yet to be found.

We know Mewtwo is coming to Pokemon Go as he is already inside the game files, developers Niantic have just not unlocked him officially as they continue to work on the first global Pokemon Go event.

Meanwhile on social media, there continues to be several hoaxes suggesting that Mewtwo’s location in Pokemon Go has been found, when in reality he definitely is still not available.

Hackers are trying their best to bring Mewtwo, Mew and the Legendary Birds to life in Pokemon Go, but for now we are all at the mercy of Niantic for when they decide to give everyone the details.

We are coming up to four months since launch and there has still been no official events for the game. Are you getting frustrated with the silence and blame the hackers for taking up Niantic’s attention as they attempt to ban all of the cheaters?

If you are waiting to find the likes of Ditto and Mewtwo in Pokemon Go, leave a comment below if you think the wait has gone on long enough.



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