Yahoo hacked again, latest data breach could affect stock

Oh dear, Yahoo hacked once again is a headline that the company wished was not about to do the rounds, as this latest data breach could affect stock. While it’s never nice to hear of a Yahoo hack, the timing could not be any worse, as Verizon is in the process of purchasing the company.

While is hat not been comforted yet, it’s been reported that the Yahoo data breach will soon be confirmed, and that several hundred million accounts could have been exposed.

Verizon strike 2016 update

The significance of this breach has yet to be specified, but if it is as serious as reports suggest, then there is a good chance that it could lead to a Government investigation. The worrying thing is, this latest breach is said to be even worse than the one from the summer, which affected 200 million users.

Once this news is made official, then Yahoo Finance will surely come under a lot of strain, as people search to see how well Yahoo stock prices are going. It will also be interesting to see what Verizon has to say, especially as they plan to purchase Yahoo for $4.8 billion.

Even though Yahoo have yet to confirm the claim, when they do this will be yet another blemish on their already tarnished record when it comes to the security of user’s accounts.



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