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iOS 10 crashing or freezing in Safari, WhatsApp and Notes

It’s been a little over a week since Apple released iOS 10, although shortly after 10.0.1 was released because of an early issue. However, there are several other problems that seem to be causing a nightmare for users, and some of the more serious ones are iOS 10 crashing or freezing in Safari, as well as the WhatsApp and Notes apps.


We should not been too surprised with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch crashing after an update, as there are always early bugs, and so iOS 10 freezing is not really a shock. Ok, so we know that it can be a huge pain for those users that updated to this latest version, but it also requires a little patients.

Having said that, it has become a bit of a pain when using Safari, as having it crash and freeze is a nightmare, and after closing all apps, and clearing website data and history, the only way to resolve it was to restart it.

This is not the only issue though, as several Product Reviews readers have started to complain about WhatsApp crashing or freezing, and we also found that it keeps losing its connection, and keeps trying to connect.

Notes keeps crashing as well, as does Reminders, and it only stopped doing so once the iPhone and even iPad was restarted.

It certainly seems that there are more issues with iOS 10 than there was with iOS 9 on its release, and so we just hope that iOS 10.0.2 will fix these issues, along with the previous ones we mentioned, such as with using headphones through the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Lightning port, and also with Airplane Mode.



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