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HP Sprocket photo printer has a companion app

With more and more people doing away with compact cameras and choosing to use their smartphones instead because of huge advances made to camera technology in them, the likes of HP have to change with the times as well.

They know that while people love the ease of use with taking photos with their phones, they don’t want a large printer because they are not portable enough for them in this ever-mobile world. This is where the HP Sprocket photo printer come in, as it allows these smartphone users to have a physical copy of the images they take, and all from a printer that fits in the palm of your hand.


Fujifilm and Polaroid already have printers of a small size, and so it was time for HP to embrace this also. What makes the HP Sprocket photo printer a worthy alternative to those two mentioned is the fact it comes with an Android and iOS companion app.

With this app you are able to connect your Sprocket to your social media accounts, as well as customise your photos as you wish, such as adding text, emojis, boarders and more.

Ok, so we know that there is a lot going for the HP Sprocket, but there is one drawback for this small photo printer, and that is the fact you have to use ZINK paper for printing.



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