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Fly FPS hack for Pokemon Go grinds without moving

We can see that Pokemon Go players are still ignoring the wishes of developers Niantic Labs and are continuing to find any ways to get hold of Pokemon Go hacks to make the farming process a lot quicker.

This time, an app called Fly FPS for Pokemon Go is being downloaded by many players, which offers a method to play Pokemon Go without moving.

This of course defeats the whole objective in the first place, but you’ll be amazed at the lengths in which some will go to if it means that they can save themselves time getting hold of the mighty Dragonite.


While we don’t condone using such crazy apps, it’s yet another problem for Niantic to deal with as they strive to level the playing field across the total player base.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Go now going to the extreme method of getting Pokemon without having to actually move at all to achieve this?

Should Niantic adopt a zero tolerance policy with permanent bans or do you sympathise with those that want an easier method of farming?



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