The Division 1.4 update release date for PTS

By Alan Ng - Sep 21, 2016

We are happy to confirm that we are now ready for The Division 1.4 update release date on PC at last. Players have been waiting for this after a recent delay and now we know when players will be able to preview the new content via the PTS.

Ubisoft has now given out the details everyone has been waiting to hear by saying that the Division PTS release date for update 1.4 will be Thursday September 22.

Even better, the exact release time for Division PTS players on PC will be 9am CEST. That means for those on Pacific Time this is 12am and a late 3am start for those on Eastern Time.


There’s a lot more details in this Reddit thread and Ubisoft has also said that we should expect 1.4 patch notes for The Division soon when it comes to the rollout.

Remember that PTS is for PC players only, so console owners will just have to sit back and wait for the time being.

Are you ready for this at last? Give us your thoughts below.

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