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Lenovo YOGA Book tablet shipping in 4 weeks, pre-order now

We have been waiting for a while now to see the Lenovo YOGA Book tablet release date announced, and so was pleased when the company said that the Android or Windows device will start shipping in just 4 weeks time. The good news is, you do not have to wait that long to confirm your order, as you can pre-order now direct from their website, be it in the U.S. or the UK.

All models are said to ship on October 17th, and so it will be interesting to see just how popular of a device this will actually be.


There is a lot to like about the new Yoga Book, such as there being two versions, one for Android and the other for Windows. However, you will notice that the latter does come with a higher price tag. The price for the former in the US and UK is $500 £430, and for the latter, $550 £510.

What might appeal to some of you though is how it is cheaper than the base models of the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 3. However, not having a keyboard could be the biggest issue here, and so using the pad with its haptic feedback might cause a few issue for some of you, which we have already read about in some of those early reviews.



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