Final Fantasy XV skill tree revealed early

If you can’t wait until the launch of Final Fantasy XV, we have some early insight for you to check out with a look at the Final Fantasy XV skill tree system.

Square-Enix has given teases of this in the past, but we have only seen it available in Japanese. As far as we’re aware this is the first time we’ve seen the skill tree in English, which lets you get a grasp of how it will work.

It will be known as the Final Fantasy XV Ascension system and some of you may see instant similarities with the Sphere Grid system that was deployed in Final Fantasy X.


We’ve got some pictures here for you to enjoy, but you should check out the video below for a live demonstration which was shown off at PAX recently.

New skills will be unlocked by spending AP and it looks like a big talking point will be the fact that the AP spent will be for a shared pool across all characters.

That means you need to be careful what abilities you want to spend on and it will require thought first as opposed to just unlocking everything care free.

One of the abilities towards the end of the Ascension system will be the ability for Noctis to perform unlimited air steps when usually he would be limited at the start of the skill tier.

Are you happy with how this system will be implemented in the game compared to previous entries in the series? We can’t wait until November!



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