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Marvel Future Fight Shadowland rewards list

Shadowlands is the new ‘end game’ content for Marvel Future Fight, a mode that requires you to use a fully levelled up and diverse roster in order to reach stage 25 of Shadowland and take home the best rewards each week.

Now we have a quick heads-up for you on the Future Fight Shadowland rewards list, to show you what is on offer for beating the last stage.

Many players have already beaten Thanos Infinity 5 times, so this seems like the perfect mode to keep veterans happy and provide some great rewards such as more black anti-matter, chaos norn stones, cards and biometric selectors.

Thanks to the gallery above shared by Reddit user DanCorre, you can see the list of rewards from Shadowland stage 15-25 – just click next to see all of the images directly. The top prize is 60 chaos stones and a 5-star card for beating the last stage, but you can see that you’ll pick up a lot of extra black anti-matter along the way too.

The 60 biometric selector for beating stage 5 is a really generous one from Netmarble too, as most of you should be able to get to that stage with a fairly decent roster.


How far have you reached on Shadowland and what tips do you offer to newer players? Let us know if you have any questions about the new mode and we’ll try to help.



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