Skyrim Remastered without PS4 mods a deal breaker

By Alan Ng - Sep 19, 2016

We still have over one month to go until Skyrim Special Edition is out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However the biggest talking point on social media remains the PS4 version after the bombshell announcement by Bethesda that Sony won’t allow PS4 mods on Skyrim Remastered.

This is the worst outcome possible for those that have already pre-ordered the game on PS4 and on social media it looks like many now calling it a deal breaker.

If you are not aware, Microsoft is allowing the same mods on the Xbox One version of Skyrim Special Edition and they will work similarly in which they have done for Fallout 4.


The Fallout 4 PS4 mods wound is still fresh and it is going to be a double blow when the end of October launch arrives.

Take a look at the recent Tweet from Bethesda’s Pete Hines below, which shows that Bethesda are not willing to go into the exact details on why Fallout 4 mods on PS4 broke down between Bethesda and Sony.


It looks like Bethesda still has hope on getting some kind of mods onto PS4 and if this does happen for Fallout 4, let’s hope that the same deal applies to Skyrim Special Edition as well.


Are you heartbroken knowing that all of the amazing mods released for the PC version will currently never be available on PS4?

Skyrim Special Edition launches October 28. Let us know how you are feeling below and if you agree that it is a deal-breaker for you without mods.

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  • I got Learnt With Ricky

    “Are you heartbroken knowing that all of the amazing mods released for the PC version will currently never be available on PS4?”

    can someone please clarify something for me, so this statement means that the console mods are going to be ALL mods that are on PC? what about ones using script extender..

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Why pay 60 for a graphic upgrade when pc is getting it free? I was actually excited when I heard mod support was coming, I have a brand new built pc and I’ve had Skyrim for a while, no mods, fine I’ll just take the free upgrade a keep rolling Sony.

  • AF

    This is ridiculous! Both for Skyrim and Fallout. Sony needs to get it together for what their consumers want. There’s no way that this can’t be done. Brutal

  • TD

    Don’t care about mods. I just want to play Skyrim for the first time.

  • Allen

    I honestly don’t care about the mods. Just want to replay one of my favorite games with better graphics.

  • Chance Stevens

    LETS BOYCOTT SONY. Trade in That clunker for an Xbox One (you’ll spend less than 20 bucks to trade and will never regret it.) Gaming would be cross platform already if it weren’t for Sony’s deliberate sabotage against Microsoft’s attempts to team up. Lets stop wasting money on Sony’s locked down, user unfriendly devices and games. We shouldn’t let them dumb down a potentially great game just to be an exclusive on an inferior device. We should stop SONY and to bring the gaming community together.
    How can one be a SONY PlayStation gamer when they oppress your every gaming desire? Make the switch to pc, or xbox if you must.

  • Zatch

    If you’re that serious about mods, you need a gaming pc. Games are cheaper on pc anyways.