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Future Fight 2.5.0 patch notes with Shadowland

It’s time for the next Marvel Future Fight update now, with Netmarble ready to roll out Future Fight patch 2.5.0. We are happy to bring you the full notes now with confirmation that two new characters will be joining the battle.

Without further ado, these are Shang Chi and Misty Knight and they will be combat and speed class respectively. There will also be 6 star skills for Yellowjacket, Giant Man, Black Cat and new uniforms for Ghost Rider, Black Cat, Moon Knight and Daredevil.

The biggest part of the update though could be the new Shadowland mode in Future Fight. It looks like it is going to be a pagoda type of setting where the difficulty will increase depending on what tier you manage to reach within the time limit.



That also suggests the Future Fight Shadowland rewards will get better with each stage cleared and as you can see some of the rewards will include Black Anti-matter and also Chaos Norn Stones.

Head to Mobirum here for the full Marvel Future Fight 2.5.0 patch notes and let us know your thoughts on the new content. Are you excited about Shadowland or want to discuss the potential of Shang Chi? Let us know in the discussion section!



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