Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood is perfect preparation

By Alan Ng - Sep 19, 2016

It seems like an eternity of waiting for the Final Fantasy XV release date after Square-Enix’s latest delay to the end of November. We wanted to give you a heads-up though on how you can prepare for the game perfectly by watching Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

For those that have just seen Kingsglaive and loved it, you should check out Brotherhood on YouTube. It is an animated show in episode format that Square-Enix is hosting for free and has actually just wrapped up with Brotherhood: Final Fantasy Episode 5.

Brotherhood explains the backstory on how main protagonist Noctis became close friends with his allies Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto.


The episodes do a great job in connecting all of the dots so we highly recommend you tuning in here to watch episodes 1-5 back to back – we’ve included the latest one below.

Of course if you want to go the full length, then we would say that watching Kingsglaive is essential too especially to really understand the characters Noctis, King Regis and Princess Luna in closer detail.

Have you been keeping up with all of the Final Fantasy XV lore released so far, to prepare yourself for November 29? Let us know what aspect of the game you are most excited about!

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