watchOS 3 update problems with battery life limited

By Peter Chubb - Sep 14, 2016

It was another big day for Apple yesterday, as they launched software updates for three of its platforms, and those were iOS 10, tvOS 10 and also watchOS 3. We already know that there were a few teething issues with the latest version of iOS 10, which prompted a very early update, and there are reports that some people are having issues since updating their Apple Watch devices.

watchOS 3 public beta release confusion

One Product Reviews reader said that they are seeing degraded battery life after the watchOS 3 upgrade, and then asked if anyone else is seeing this? Several users have been experiencing the very same thing, although from what we can make out, it does seem like an isolated problem.

From what we can make out, this does not seem to be a huge problem, and so we can only assume that those having watchOS 3 battery life problems are actually just using their Apple Watch far more than they usually would – which is understandable after a software upgrade.

The only other issue that we can see was actually how long the download was taking, although this is to always be expected on the day of a new release.

Have you been experiencing any issues since updating to watchOS 3?

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  • BrandonP

    My watch is down to 10% after about 4.5 hours. I’m not using the watch any more than I normally do. Any attempt to say the problem is with user use is propaganda.

  • BtheNorth

    My 42mm is only lasting 5 hours after the update a I am NOT using it more then usual. Sitting on my wrist silently and now it’s dead.

  • Mav

    42mm Stainless – Updated last night – took hours, 2 resets of both iPhone 6Plus and Watch and 4-5 attempts to get it to download to Watch. When it finally did update (Watch was always on charger and fully charged) battery drain was immediately evident – it went down almost by the minute from 100% to 90% in less than 10 minutes, then down to 70% within the hour. I was not using the Watch eityher – I was monitoring the battery, but configuring options on the iPhome mainly, just looking at the new Watch faces. So unpaired the Watch last night, restarted both devices again and left the Watch off charge all night to do a complete drain. It’s now at 20% since 2 AM this morning and it’s now 14:55 – so 13 hours with NO use. Will wait until it’s drained and then recharge and monitor. ☺