Various iOS 10.0.1 problems after update prompts 10.0.2 demand

By Peter Chubb - Sep 14, 2016

Well, we all knew it was going to happen, and that was the barrage of problems for those that installed iOS 10 the moment it was made available for download. However, none thought that so many issues would actually cause Apple to issue iOS 10.0.1 on the very same day.

The reason for this was because of the huge number of devices that were being bricked because of the iOS 10 update, although only those that were updated OTA. Thankfully, we never had such an issue, although that was more than likely because by the time we were able to update, 10.0.1 was already out. However, there are still a few issues being experienced, and this has how sparked debates as to how long it will be before iOS 10.0.2 is released.

iOS 9 battery drain fixes

Ok, so while there are some of you out there that feel iOS 10.0.2 is needed to help resolve some of the problems you have been having, such as poor battery performance, WiFi and Bluetooth issues, and home button functionality, there are actually some ways to resolve those issues right now.

In terms of battery life since the latest upgrade, some of you have said the battery does not last as long as it did. While this is a real issue for some of you, others will find that they are just using their handset far more than usual because of testing out those new features. You need to also make certain that certain apps and their features are not running in the background since the update, such as Background Refresh, turn off Fitness Tracking, and also make certain that Brightness is set to auto.

The dreaded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues come up every year, and so we are not surprised to see a return of it with iOS 10. However, the best way around this is to go to Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will make certain that all those old settings have been deleted, and so you can start afresh.

Other people are not happy that Apple has done away with slide to unlock, and are hoping that it will return in iOS 10.0.2, but we very much doubt that. Do not even expect it to make a return once iOS 10.1 is released, as we very much doubt that Apple will go backwards.

What issues have you been having since updating?

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  • Alex Edwards

    As it stands now, I just have no real reason to update to iOS 10. I can see where it’d appeal to a lot of people, I’m just not one of them.

    Sure they added some neat new features, but they’ve built the entire operation of the OS around the idea everyone was more home screen clutter and use of Touch ID. I test drove iOS 10 on my 5C issued by my company and so far I’ve found it to be less appealing to me than even the iOS 7 update that changed the GUI to the more candy-looking colors. At least 7 didn’t fundamentally change how the OS operated.

    I don’t care for touch ID unlocking the phone. I test drove it briefly in iOS 9 on my personal iPhone 6S and found touch to unlock caused me more headaches than it solved. Like for my alarm, i punch home to see if I got any critical messages after I snooze. With touch ID, it’d unlock the phone immediately and cancel the snooze.

    The iMessage screen to me feels more cluttered now, with the contact info at the top being wider and more space dedicated to enhanced features like Emoji and drawing. I’m sorry, but as cool as the new features here are, I just don’t see my using them often. Photos and Music? I’m just not impressed by how they’ve changed those either. They, to me, have become even more convoluted and harder to navigate. Plus I have no desire to subscribe to their streaming service which this seems to me tailored to it as iOS 9’s music app was.

    Pressing the home button twice (on my 5C) is annoying, and I can see where this would become quickly problematic with pre-touch ID devices like the 5C, Ipad Mini’s and iPad 4. Especially if you’re turning off the notifications that would appear now when you slide.

    Unless apple brings back the slide to unlock as an option, i’m not upgrading to iOS 10 at all. If they bring that back, i can deal with the other unneeded changes. I’d rather go back to android if my 6S dies than go to a 7 running this OS. I don’t even want to get started on the things that turn me off about the iPhone 7 here. Thats a totally separate issue.

  • Robert E Handley

    Also missing up and down arrows in mail. It was much faster with the arrows to page up or down in mail. What were they thinking by removing them.

  • Robert E Handley

    ‌After updating to IOS 10.0.1 on my iPad Pro mini sometimes when I push the home button I get my home screen but no apps, screen is frozen. I,have to do a hard reboot to,get back in. Then everything works. This is happening 2-4 time a day. Annoying.

  • Jeff G Hart

    10.0.1 screwed up many routine navigations, such as deleting an instant message – used to b able to double click and choose which segments of a message you wanted to delete. Now there is this pop up menu with a thumbs up, thumbs down, !!, ?, etc which does nothing except out an icon tag on the message. Overall there are too many new convenience (actually inconvenient and annoying) pop up menus and other clutter. If I want to see the most recent emails, I’ll just open up my email. All these “pop-ups” are very annoying!!! And, all this extra junk means relearning how to do some of the main functions. Convenient toys are often increased clutter.

    • Ignatius G. Sugarpants

      Below the pop-up menu, at the bottom of the screen there should be a menu that says “Copy” and “More”. Click “More” and it will give you the option to delete parts of the message.

  • herbertunblock

    My cell phone number is default blocked on outbound caller ID. There are some friends and family phone numbers I call with *82 to unblock the number. IOS 10.0.1 will not allow a phone call with *82 in the contact telephone number. The operating system won’t allow Bluetooth autodialing in my car if there’s a *82 in the contact telephone number. Doesn’t the bonehead computer programmer take into account blocked and unblocked telephone numbers? Didn’t the boneheads at Apple test it? The dialing with *82 worked just fine in IOS 9.X.X.

  • Márcio Centeno

    Can’t pair my garmin forerunner 235 to iPhone 7 IOS 10.0.1

  • Matthew

    Everytime I go to open up phone or messages they crash ringtone has started to fail

  • Kevin Noah

    Strange. I use iOS 10 now since the 2nd Public Beta and didn’t have any issues.

  • Stefan

    You should inform yourselves better, iOS 10 GM (last version available for developers 1 week earlier) was also 10.0.1