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Spigen AirPods accessory prevents you losing them

The new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 have been received positively for the most part, although the same cannot be said for the AirPods. These are Apple’s answer to totally wire-free headphones, and there is no wire in sight. One of the main concerns is how easy it would be to lose one, although you will be able to purchase a single AirPod – which we are certain Apple will sell a lot off – but not of Spigen has anything to do with it.


Spigen is to release an AirPod accessory next month that prevents you from losing them, and what makes us laugh is just how simple the solution is. However, it sort of goes against what Apple was going for, and that was to lose the cable.

Labelled as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus AirPods Strap, they are just a simple accessory that attaches to the small devices, and so allowing you to wear them around your neck.

It will be interesting to read those hands-on reviews, and if people will actually feel Spigen have overcome the flaw in Apple’s design, or if they would just rather go for Jabra’s answer instead with their Elite Sports earbuds?

In terms of price, it is showing up as $19.99 on Amazon, although can currently be preordered for half that. This is only for the US at the moment, with no word of a UK release date.



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