Super Mario Run Stickers for iOS 10, not 9

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2016

We are closing in on the iOS 10 release time today, which will also have a big significance on the Super Mario Run Stickers for iMessage that will launch today.

iOS 10 should be out around 6PM UK time on September 13 and once you have it installed you can try out the new stickers for iMessage.

The bad news is that these cool Super Mario Run stickers do not work on iOS 9, which means that they obviously won’t work on iOS 8 or iOS 7 either.


These are exclusive to iOS 10 or later which means that if you have a 16GB device and are running low on storage – you are probably out of luck.

You’ll see the image above if you try to use the stickers on an older version of iOS. It’s a real shame that Apple is locking them to iOS 10, as you’ll agree that they add a great new twist to your daily iMessage shenanigans.

Are you upset about this? Let us know if you thought Super Mario Run stickers would work on any version of iMessage.

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