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Marvel Future Fight Art Book card opening, unboxed

We have a treat for Marvel Future Fight players now, as we know that a lot of you are not too happy at the moment upon hearing that the Marvel Future Fight Art Book is currently exclusive to those in Korea.

This is not ideal as one of the main incentives of buying the book is that it comes with some unique cards, cards which contain three fixed base stats as opposed to the normal two making them significantly better than standard cards.

Now we give you a glance of what the Art Book contains as well as offer you a live Future Fight Art Book card chest opening to show you what you can get.

It all comes courtesy of YouTuber Cynicalex, who has become the most popular uploader of Future Fight content which the community is currently loving – due to a combination of raw content mixed with humorous commentary, which allows the audience to connect in a way which usually wasn’t possible with other MFF uploader who are more concerned about bragging rights.



As for the card, you’ll see that Cynicalex obtained the ‘All New, All Different Avengers (2015) #1’ card, which contains All Attack, Physical Attack and Energy Attack as base stats. The other three stats on the card are not too great, but are easily remedied by combining the card with other mythical one.

The Art Book itself looks gorgeous and contains everything from level design props, to even a few glimpses of unreleased content such as uniforms for Sif and Nick Fury.


The video below is well worth a watch so check it out and let us know what you think. Are you upset that you can’t get your hands on this – would you pay over $30 USD if there was an English version for the US and UK Future Fight players?

Check out more from Cynicalex here if you loved the video.



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