iOS 10 countdown to precise release time

By Peter Chubb - Sep 13, 2016

We first learned about new features coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch earlier this summer, and the next software upgrade will arrive in hours. Those of you patiently waiting will now see that the iOS 10 countdown has entered its final day, and so that all-important release day is ever so close.

We have already shown you the list of devices compatible with iOS 10, and it does not matter if you are in countries such as India, United States, the UK, or around Europe, hundreds of millions of devices will have access to the free download at the same time – well, as long as there are no problems that is.


So when is the exact release time for iOS 10? Well, while we can never be too certain of this, we can look at previous years and come up with when it’s likely to be. You will see the precise iOS 10 release time on the countdown clock that we included below.

This will work for all worldwide cities and the launch countries. However, if you are looking for the times for each region, then you can view the image above.

Do you plan to download and install iOS 10 the moment it goes live, or will you wait because of those usual early problems, bugs and glitches?

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  • Fail? Fixed. Good.

    Thank you for fixing the previously misleading date fail.

  • Sten

    I assume this is based on local time of each city/country. For now the countdown is at 11h25m. For me that means 01:00AM on Thursday (Singapore, Malaysia = GMT+8).

  • Fail?

    So your dates above are totally wrong? They should list Tue and Wed, not Wed and Thu.

    Is this a FAIL?

    • Peter Chubb

      I do apologise, I had selected the wrong image. Thanks for pointing that out to me.