iWork improvements signal imminent MacBook Pro refresh

By Peter Chubb - Sep 10, 2016

Well, there was no MacBook Pro refresh announcement the other day during Apple’s Special event, and so had led to people asking if the company is moving away from the MacBook lineup. However, this is a silly assumption for various reasons, one is because of the upcoming macOS Sierra, and also because of the number of iWork improvements revealed to us as well during the keynote.

MacBook Pro with Touch ID

The thing is, Apple’s computers are not on the same upgrade schedule as phones. Not only that, but Tim Cook has also said, “I love the Mac and we are very committed to it. Stay tuned.” He made that quote after being asked by someone if they were pulling away from the Mac line.

MacRumors remains skeptical on this, but do like to believe that what he had said sort of points to an MacBook Pro refresh for 2016, although it’s still worth not trying to get too excited about this.

However, taking all this into account, and looking back at previous years, then there is still one more Apple event to come this year, and that is for new iPad and MacBook updates, and so we do hope to hear news very soon.

We know we had assumed to hear something from Apple during the recent event, and you are getting sick and tired of waiting for all these rumours to come to fruition, but we only thought there was a slight chance of upgraded models this month. However, we do feel more confidant about Apple revealing something for next month.

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