PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One S for 4K Blu Ray

One of the biggest talking points right now after Sony’s PS4 Pro event, was the inevitable discussion on PS4 Pro Vs the Xbox One S in relation to 4K Blu-Ray playback.

If you haven’t heard the big news, Sony has decided against putting a 4K Blu-Ray drive inside the PS4 Pro. This means you won’t be able to use it with discs, you’ll have to stream all of your 4K content instead.

Microsoft meanwhile has included a 4K Blu-Ray player inside the Xbox One S and some consumers are now saying that Microsoft has a major advantage over Sony with regards to 4K playback.


Has Sony been clever though? You could argue that digital media is now the standard for a lot of consumers and Sony may entice gamers into offering some really nice deals on 4K streaming movies and shows in the future, to effectively take the sting away from a lack of physical drive.

Others will disagree and say that Sony has dropped the ball big time in not allowing Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc playback on the PS4 Go. It also means that Xbox One S owners will be able to put all of their DVDs into the console and upscale them.


For true 4K gaming, it looks like the PS4 Pro has the edge on paper. But we’re talking about 4K Blu-Ray solely here so let us know what you think about this.

Has Sony made a huge mistake or a very clever business move?



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