PS4 Pro 4K Netflix app release date excitement for Luke Cage

One of the notable announcements that you may have missed at PlayStation Meeting given all of the PS4 Pro, 4K and HDR talk, is the availability of a new Netflix 4K app that will launch alongside the new PS4 Pro console.

Sony confirmed that the release date for the new Netflix app will be in November, we’re assuming that it will be available day one with the console which means that November 10 is the day to remember.

One of the new shows which will be available for 4K streaming is Marvel’s Luke Cage. Although it will be available starting from September, you may now want to wait and hold back to enjoy it in glorious 4K.


On top of Netflix 4K, there’s also going to be a YouTube 4K app available on PS4 Pro this year as well. There’s a lot of talk on how the new console won’t play 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs, but with so many users streaming Netflix on a daily basis – is it such a big problem?

Let us know if you can’t wait to watch Luke Cage in 4K with the Netflix 4K app on PS4 Pro. We’ll let you know when the app is ready to download. Give us your thoughts in the discussion section below.

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