PS4 4.0 firmware update for HDR release date set

By Alan Ng - Sep 8, 2016

One of the biggest announcements of Sony’s PlayStation Meeting 2016 hours ago wasn’t the unveiling of the PS4 Slim or the 4K-capable PS4 Pro, it was the bombshell announcement that all current PS4 users are going to be getting a free upgrade which will enable HDR picture quality with a compatible display.

This was really unexpected for a number of reasons. Firstly, it means that you don’t need to own the PS4 Pro to enjoy one of the PS4 Pro main features – your current PS4 will do that with a simple firmware upgrade.

Secondly, Microsoft are also bringing HDR to Xbox but you will need to buy the Xbox One S console in order make use of this feature – in other words, the current Xbox One model will not support it until Microsoft states otherwise.


Here is Sony’s official statement regarding HDR as they say it will offer PS4 gamers a:

“Reproduction of brightness and darkness while realising a much wider range of colours. Users who own an HDR-compatible TV will be able to enjoy supported games and other entertainment content with visuals that are more realistic, strikingly vivid and truer to the way the human eye sees the real world”.

We now have confirmation that the PS4 HDR update will be out next week, which also means that it will be coming with the PS4 4.0 update.

Given that we didn’t have a confirmed PS4 4.0 release date since beta testing, it’s safe to assume that both are coming together in one massive update along with all of the other features.

The debate right now which hasn’t become clear yet, is what kind of HDR spec Sony are going to be offering on the PS4. There’s a great deal of confusion regarding the fact that HDMI 1.4 on the PS4 does not support full HDR and a software update couldn’t change this – only a hardware upgrade.

Either way, we’ll find out more details soon – one example of a cheap Samsung TV model that comes with a version of HDR can be found here, but is it HDR that Sony will support?

Give us your reaction to the news below – is this a blow to Microsoft?

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    HDR is a 4k asset and requires HDMI 2a that ps4 does not have. Ps4 cannot upscale games to 4k like XB1s. .and there are no 1080p HDR TVs. So what is this exactly ? It also requires some degree of processing power which is why XB1s beefed up their specs a bit. Sony is getting into very dangerous waters here if they are telling their fan base that ps4s will be getting HDR.

    • Moses Shezu Johnson

      but i belive ps4 and pro will both be getting a patch to allow ps4 to do it, sony has told a lot of folks about how hdr will be implemented.

    • shuunu

      FirePantz HDR is not restricted to 4k you idiot ! You have HDR capable TV’s on 720p and 1080 alike , high dynamic range imaging aka HDR can be upgraded via software updates which is exactly what they are doing.SOFTWARE ! You can enhance an image using software or you can try medling with them wires you know nothing about…

      • FirePantz

        Nope…HDR requires HDMI 2.0 thats ps4 dont have.