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Marvel Future Fight New Cards from Art Book available

We have some juicy information for Marvel Future Fight players now, following on from the recent leak which we told you about involving ‘secret’ cards that would contain the best stats seen on any card to date.

These cards were added into the game by Netmarble with the Future Fight 2.3.0 update, but were never officially announced and released into the game with 2.3.0 or 2.4.0 afterwards.

Now though we can finally see that the cards are available, but it looks like they may be exclusive to Korea. You can buy the Marvel Future Fight ‘Art of Future Fight’ book at CJMall for 32400 Won which translates to around $30 USD.


It looks like buying this book will give you a digital code to get one or all of five new mythical cards. These cards are special as they have three base stats attached to them making them unique compared to all other current cards in the game which have two.

You can see the stats of these new cards above with the image coming courtesy of Reddit user Scorpio0920. We’ve also got the first images of the Art Book and a teaser of those new cards for you enjoy as well, which were supplied on the CJMall link and shared over on Reddit recently.




If you can get all five cards for $30, this sounds like a great purchase. However, if you pay $30 for getting just one of these cards randomly then it makes things a little interesting.

We’ll keep you updated on when you will be able to buy the Future Fight Art Book in the US. Leave us a comment below if you would be interested in buying this in the US, UK or Europe so we know how bad you want those new cards.



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