Mahrez shocks FIFA 17 5 Star Skillers list

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2016

EA has released their list of FIFA 17 5 star skillers this year, a vital list which all FIFA 17 Ultimate Team players will treat as their own personal bible.

Once again, there is some big shocks and one of the biggest has to be Leicester City champion Riyad Mahrez who has been given a monster upgrade by EA. From being a Silver 73 card, he’s had a massive +12 upgrade to 85 on FUT 17 and now becomes one of the highest rated players in the Premier League.

Not only that, but he’s been upgraded from 4-star skills to 5-star skills which is absolutely huge in terms of what moves you can do on the pitch to beat opponents.


We can see that some are debating whether Mahrez deserves such an upgrade, but then again there’s no argument that he was the standout player last season along with Jamie Vardy.

Elsewhere on the 5-star skills list, players such as McGeady, Bolasie, Neymar, Ronaldo, Pogba, Boufal and Ben Arfa are included – you can see the full list here on EA’s website.

Are you shocked to see Mahrez given a +12 upgrade and an upgrade to 5-star skills? There are many other players who deserve a big upgrade, but have been ignored – which ones would you put into this category?

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  • Steve

    Mahrez deserves to be higher than Rooney so no 85 isn’t too high at all, it’s not high enough. When you look at other players with 85+ ratings, they’re mostly not as good as Riyad.

    Vardy should be higher too, his finishing and pace in particular.

  • Amar

    As a Leicester fan, it’s nice to see. 5-star skills should have been given to him a long time ago. Yes, he was voted player of the season but 85 seems a lot. 82 or 83 might have been enough. I would also say he is a medium/low too; he’s too uncomfortable defending. Maybe FUT will be popular in Algeria this year…