COD Revelations Easter Egg ending cutscene hoax

We can see that there is a real dog fight going on right now amongst the Black Ops 3 community YouTubers, with all of them slugging it out to be the ‘world’s first’ COD Revelations Easter egg ending cutscene video uploader.

This is their pride and joy in the YouTube world and already we can see that there has been a number of trolls lurking already, tricking thousands of gamers into thinking the ending has already been found and uploaded.

We fell for a few of the videos too as you can see below, but take it from us as a heads-up that the Revelations Zombies easter egg has not been completed yet.


You should bookmark NoahJ456 or MrDalekJD as these two are most likely to solve it before anyone else – based on previous zombie map releases.

It’s obviously a bit sad that some are fooling others into thinking it has been finished but then again most of you are also seeing the funny side to it.

Were you tricked too? Don’t worry, you can admit it to us in the comments below. Also please let us know if you have proof of someone actually completing the easter egg for the real since as far as we’re aware – nobody has managed it yet!



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