Apple Watch Series 2 is swim-proof, with CPU 50 percent faster

You heard it right, the new Apple Watch 2 is not just splash proof, but swim-proof, which is a big deal for the Series 2 of this device. It’s water resistant to 50 metres, and in order to do this, engineers have retooled the speaker so that it ejects any water that may have got into the watch.

It’s clear to see that swimmers are absolutely going to love this Apple Watch Series 2 feature, although this is just one thing to look forward to, as there is so much more.


Apple has installed GPS into the 2016 refresh, along with a second-gen chip with a dual-core processor. What that does is give the new model an increase of speed that is 50 percent faster than the CPU used in the current model. There is also an all-new GPU, that offer twice the amount of graphics performance.

Going back to that GPS feature, and this is something that will appeal more towards runners, as they will now be able to use all the benefits that come with it.

Then there is the exterior design of next generation Apple Watch, as there is a new white ceramic finish, details of which we will be able to provide in videos once they have gone live.



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