Apple live stream freezing issues expected once again

Whenever there is an Apple keynote, the live video stream often has freezing issues, just as it did this time last year. While we expect Apple would have made assurances that there will not be a repeat of this, we suspect that the live stream or audio will freeze or cut out today.


Ok, so this may not happen at all this year, but chances are it will, and we expect to see people searching “Apple live stream down right now,” and if this does happen, then just be patient. It will most likely be down to certain locations, or even local network issues.

Just like last year, people will be on hand to try to offer an Apple stream fix, although we very much doubt that it helped. The best thing to do is to just wait it out if your Apple stream does go down. More often than not, Apple does resolve the issue, but if not, we have found that turning your wireless off and on could help, or even your router.

If you are still unable to watch the Apple Special Event live stream, then there are other options.



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