Apple event start time for UK today and live stream options

If you live in the UK, then you are not bothered about the start time for Apple’s Special Event in countries such as the US, or more specifically, in California. The reason we say this is because when you go on the Apple website for the UK and then click on the image at the bottom that offers details for today’s event, you are only given the live keynote time for PDT, which seems strange for them to not offer the time for the time zone based on that particular country’s page.

Apple event worldwide start times

Ok, so we know it’s not hard to work out what the time is in your country, but some people do not know these things, or just cannot be bothered to search because Apple should have already thought of this.

Anyway, we just thought you would like to know as a gentle reminder, and to make life easier for you that the Apple event start time for UK today is 6PM. Having said that, it might be one or two minutes late, which seems to happen every year.

What also happens every year are Apple live stream freezing issues, and so we expect to see this happen once again today. If this were to happen, and you still wish to be kept up-to-date with what’s going on at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, then there are other options.

While these will not be what Apple offers, they are different in the way because they are live blogs, and so you get bloggers thoughts on what they think of what’s happening during the event. Sone of the best are from the likes of ArsTechnica, Macworld, and more for the UK readers is the Independent live blog.

How will you be watching today’s event?



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