PS4 Neo Vs iPhone 7 event stream excitement

We are counting down to what is going to be a truly exciting week in the tech world, for all consumers. To remind you, the iPhone 7 event is happening on September 7 and it’s also the same day in which Sony may unveil a 4K capable PS4 Neo console as well.

That’s two monster events right there and we are just eager to find out which event takes your preference as both a mobile and a console gamer, or just a general tech enthusiast which obviously applies to a lot of you.

We have a final reminder on what time Apple’s September 7 begins and also what time you can watch the Playstation Meeting which is being held in New York on the same day.


Apple’s iPhone 7 Keynote event starts at 10am Pacific Time and you can watch a live stream here on Apple’s website.

As for Sony, the PlayStation Meeting starts directly after Apple’s event and it starts at 12pm Pacific Time. It could turn out to be perfect if Apple’s event runs for 2 hours so you can just go from one event into the next seamlessly.

Will you be tuning into both events or just one – if so, which one takes your preference? Participate in the discussion section below and tell us what you’ll be watching.



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