Labor Day 2016 opening hours at Best Buy, Target and Walmart

Today is Labor Day 2016 in the United States and so we are sure you will want to know the opening hours for Best Buy, Target and Walmart. Some of these retailers will want to take advantage of the fact that many people will not be at work, and because this holiday is observed today, Monday September 5, a number of services and business will be closed the entire day.

All local banks are closed, and do not expect deliveries from the likes of UPS and FedEx, as they have the day off from work as well. The financial and stock markets are also closed, as are all courts, local, state and federal courts. You can see why retailers, such as those mentioned above will want to offer some amazing Labor Day deals, and so you might want to take a look on their websites to see what sales they currently have on.

Best Buy Labor Day sale

Best Buy store opening hours on Labor Day 2016 – The hours of opening may vary by location, as this is something that we have seen each year on this holiday, and so you might want to search for your local Best Buy store to find out what the open hours on Labor Day are. The best way to do this is by going to their store locater page here. You will notice that they are currently running a 4-day 2016 Labor Day sale, with the main focus being on HDTVs, laptops, phones and appliances.

Target Labor Day opening hours – You will find that most Target Stores will still observe normal open hours, although there are going to be some that will close, as this all depends on the location. Like above, it would be far easier to search for your local store for today’s Target opening times here. We can tell you that by going online you will notice what deals can be had. In the Labor Day sale at Target you will get up to 30 percent off, and an extra up to 10% off home items, 25 percent off clothing and shoes, and a massive baby sale.

Walmart 2016 Labor Day opening times today – We have noticed that some of the smaller Walmart stores are closed, and also some in certain areas, and so it is also wise to check their opening hours here on their store finder page. They currently have a huge sale on camping gear, along with Labor Day savings on featured categories.



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