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Huggle app on iOS, Android for friends not dating

There is a new app on the scene with everyone racing to download the Huggle app for iOS and Android. We can see instantly that you are all asking questions such as “Is Huggle a dating app??”, but we’re pleased to tell you straight away that it definitely isn’t!

Instead, Huggle is a new type of social media platform that attempts to give a new way of making friends. How Huggle works is that it tracks which places you visit and you can interact with others who visit the same place.

This lets you find friends who have the same lifestyle and interests as you, plus there’s a check-in system which is used before you can make contact with a new friend – to avoid privacy issues!


You can download Huggle now for iOS and Android, but we’re really pleased to see it available on Windows Phone as well which is never usually the case – a simultaneous launch across all three platforms, shock horror.

The Huggle interface is really cool and it’s actually very enjoyable seeing other people visit the same places you visit on more than one occasion.

It’s definitely a very interesting approach to making friends and it seems like the evolved version of Facebook check-ins since it all updates in realtime using your location.

Check out a quick Huggle review from a user below and let us know what you think of this app – have you been using Huggle and loving it?



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