COD Infinite Warfare zombies feature list so far

We know many of you are interested to find out details on what Infinity Warfare is going to do with regards to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies. We can confirm if you didn’t already know, that there definitely will be a zombies mode and now we have the first details on it.

The mode was playable to a select group at the Call of Duty XP event over the weekend. One of those was the official PlayStation Blog who have already given a great Infinite Warfare zombies preview analysis over at the US blog.

They have listed all of the Infinite Warfare Spaceland zombies features that they seen so far in the maps that they got to play.


You also get another good look at the four characters featured in the mode if you haven’t seen them yet, screenshot is included above.

Although they mention that they didn’t find a weapon box, it definitely is in there hidden away as you can see with another screenshot below.


It looks like Infinity Ward are mixing things up with zombies this year as they are going to be putting tickets into the mode, allowing players to change them for rarer items and gear.

Check out the full preview in the link above and let us know if you are interested in playing this new type of zombies mode, or prefer to wait until Treyarch are back with Black Ops 4!



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