New Apple TV 5 unlikely on Sept. 7

By Peter Chubb - Sep 3, 2016

We find it very amusing when people assume there will be a new Apple TV 5 announcement during the Special Event taking place next week on Sept. 7, 2016.

However, I think people should prepare themselves for the fact that there will not be an update to the Apple TV this year, and so we are more than likely going to have to wait until 2017 for the next generation model.

tvOS 10 release date

It’s only been a year since the release of the Apple TV 4, and while there will be no 5th-gen model, the new tvOS 10 will bring improved functionality and several new features, which pretty much brings a new lease of life to the digital media player/microconsole.

There have also been rumours to suggest that Apple could even release a complete TV set, but this is also very unlikely to happen this year – or ever if you read a recent article as to why Apple decided to abandon its television set plans.

You have to laugh about all the Apple TV fifth generation articles out there that go into detail about the features that we can expect to see when the device is released this year, and so we can only advise you to take them for what they are.

The only thing that we are likely to hear in regards about the Apple TV next Wednesday is the actual release date of its new OS, and not the Apple TV 5G model.

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  • The Pool Man

    Apple used to release things before customers could even imagine them. Now they release ‘catch ups’ years after their customers have embraced the competition.

    • Jeffsters

      Yeah because every other company is coming out with market creating products rather than evolutionary ones. Oh wait…

      • The Pool Man

        It’s telling how you had to exaggerate my point into Straw Man territory to make yours.

    • jay

      Apple used to release iPhones and iPads yearly….

  • Jurassic

    The Apple TV 4 was introduced a year ago (September 2015), so we are likely to see an Apple TV 5 soon (in the next few months).

    Apple TV 4 has an A8 CPU. Apple TV 5 will upgrade that to an A9 (or possibly A10) processor. This extra power would easily allow 4K video playback, which is something that many people (myself included) are waiting for.

    Whenever the Apple TV 5 arrives, it is likely to be before the end of this year (probably in time for the holiday shopping season).