NBA 2K16 servers down Sept 2 with unknown ETA

We just have a quick reminder to all those who are currently wondering why they can’t connect to NBA 2K16 servers right now. The game is down for scheduled maintenance through the night, but the worrying thing is that 2K has not said when the game will be back up.

It goes without saying that providing an ETA is courtesy in today’s day and age of online gaming but for this bout of maintenance, 2K isn’t giving you that information.


Everyone is asking when NBA 2K16 servers will be back up on September 2 but it looks like you’ll just have to sleep it off and hope it’s back up in the morning.

You can keep track of the NBA 2K16 server status here on our dedicated page, but let us know if you find it frustrating that 2K hasn’t said when servers will be back.

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