Infinite Warfare MP gameplay time today at COD XP 2016

Everyone is pumped up for the start of Call of Duty XP 2016 and now we have a quick reminder on what time you can watch Infinite Warfare multiplayer gameplay today.

This is going to be the first official look at Infinite Warfare MP to a global audience, so if you are planning to buy the next COD game this is simply an unmissable event for you.

The start time of COD XP 2016 is at 10am Pacific Time on September 2, but we understand that gameplay will be released online at 12pm PST – so two hours later.


For those that want to watch the XP matches, you can check the full COD XP schedule here for a look at the results so far.

Are you excited about Infinite Warfare MP, or sad that Treyarch won’t be developing any more for at least another year?

We’ve included the live stream below, so you can tune into the action here.



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