Nintendo 3DS Direct 01.09.2016 stream replay

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2016

If you missed the new Nintendo 3DS Direct stream for September 1, 2016 don’t worry. We already have a full replay lined up for you allowing you to watch the entire event back as you please.

There were some massive announcements at the event, notably a Super Mario Maker 3DS release date of December 2 meaning everyone gets the game before Christmas.

There was also some Pokemon Sun and Moon news, including the chance to get a special version of Snorlax by ordering the game early and there was also a unique version of Rattata unveiled as well.


It’s all included in the video below so simply click play and enjoy the entire event. Nintendo’s Direct events have proven to be an amazing success, which is funny as everyone was doubting the company as soon as they announced this new format.

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