Marvel Avengers Alliance 1, 2 shutting down isn’t a surprise

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2016

We have some sad news to bring you now, as it has been confirmed that Marvel Avengers Alliance 1 and 2 is shutting down. We’ve heard rumors about this in the past, but now it is official and we have the statement from Disney to bring you.

Avengers Alliance launched back in March 2012 and attracted millions of players in the process, both through Playdom’s website but more so Facebook.

The game was eventually discontinued via Playdom’s website in 2014 but was still accessible via Facebook and continued to receive content updates such as new Special Operation missions.


Players literally spent thousands of dollars on the game’s premium currency gold, which was used to upgrade equipment, buy premium weapon sets and fast track your way up to Adamantium League, which was the competitive PVP mode in the game.

Now we learn that it is all going to waste. Avengers Alliance is closing down on September 30, 2016 meaning that Playdom has effectively served you a 30 day notice. Your items, data and characters earned will be gone forever and you won’t get any refunds whatsoever on recent gold spent.


Here’s the statement from Disney:

“Today we are announcing the shutdown of Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 on all platforms, including the App Store®, Google Play™, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store, and Facebook. Beginning today, we are no longer accepting new purchases or downloads, but the games will be available to play until September 30, 2016. We greatly appreciate the passion and support of all our players. This was a difficult decision, but we plan to focus our efforts on new games for our fans and community. Thank you for playing.”

You read that correctly, the mobile-only Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 is also shutting down on the same date which is going to be a nasty shock to players since it only launched back in July 2016.


Our take: This is pretty shocking to hear but at the time we are not too surprised by the news. We could tell that Playdom were in trouble as soon as they shut down Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics.

We’ve also seen first hand how poor the Playdom customer service is and how long it actually took to get a “human” answer regarding problems in the game, as opposed to a copy and paste robot reply.

We have a feeling that the masses of loyal Avengers Alliance players who have stuck through to the end will now be making their way over to Marvel Contest of Champions or Marvel Future Fight.

In our opinion, Future Fight developers Netmarble are doing a great job with the game, in terms of balancing premium content with an extremely generous amount of free gift giveaways to keep the F2P community happy.

So in other words, if you are looking for a solid Marvel RPG to play now that you are being kicked out of Avengers Alliance, Future Fight gets our vote.


Are you angry, frustrated and in a state of disbelief after all of your efforts for two years are going to waste and any money that you spent recently won’t be coming back?

It’s even more shocking given that Spec Ops 32 only just launched. As a MAA1 or MAA2 player hearing this, please give your feelings below – was the recent password hack ultimately to blame?

RIP, MMA1 it was great while it lasted.

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  • Pat

    Don’t get excited, but there is news that people are experiencing success taking their case to Paypal for refunds of purchases right before Disney announced. Your Spencerian may differ, but worth a try . It does make sense, since Disney has always taken a hard line stance against refunds as their own personal policy, but Paypal has their own refund policies Disney agreed to that are much more lenient,.

  • Pat

    Gosh where to start…OK the game was down to 500,000 participants during PVP. Brandons hack, a WORKING MAA hack tool that has been around since 2013 HAS over 1,000,000 downloads. It allowed players to speed up play immensely, hit all enemies each turn, and place all debuffs on them, it also allowed single action buffs to work on all their team at once. About 1 1/2 years ago somebody created another hack that was allowing even the lowest level players to beat the highest! and by this last PVP there seemed to be more of those players than regular players. So the idiots who were spending their paycheck on this very simple, rather boring, uninspired game just weren’t around in numbers great enough to keep this thing afloat anymore. Brandons hack was just the most noted working hack. The game had been hacked in practically every aspect at some time during it’s life. At one time there was a working wheel spin hack, an unlimited gold hack. People know these are usually fake “Click bait” hacks that don’t work. well on MAA both of those hacks were successful for quite awhile. You had people filling up their PVP attachment slots with the latest 64 gold weapon. Which if you did the math would cost them each PVP $800 to win a $10 hero.

    And the cult like fans who would actually rationalize that legions of spoiled rich kids were spending that kind of money doing that, rather than just using a gold hack.

    The game was horribly run, and this isn’t just one fans opinion, it was the opinion of employees! Over at the glassdoor website you can read the same employee complaints over and over.

    The only reason these crappy games lasted as long as they did is because they were based on wildly popular characters, not because it was a fun or innovative game to play.

    • Threshold

      I started playing this game I think a year after its launch on FB but after a few months found it unbearable and left it: the only fun thing was the PVP while the regular game sucked big time: superheroes like Iron Man and Thor could get defeated by pink robots and gangsters from the 30s in purple suits?
      Da fuk?

      I than started again on Playdom which made it all more fun and bearable and soon I found some of the hacks you mention.
      I think I exploited over 70K gold and god knows how many cps (although that took me forever) and all the weapons (for 3 days there was a hack that allowed you to drop everything ever available in the game so I had every weapon, including FB exclusive ones which were never available on the Playdom site lol).
      They only caught me once just cause I had a ticket open and they must have noticed the gold increasing for no reason but they just removed some of it (not even all of it) and gave me a warning.
      There were people who found a way to get unlimited gold at a click and good for them.

      I agree that the game was run horrendously and many really annoying things that took nothing to fix and everybody requested were left unsolved.
      For example selling all the junk items en masse while they limited you to 99 a time I think.
      Or why the game had to play so slowly?
      They should have distributed the speed hack on their site and thank the developer.

      When PD site closed I did ask to get transferred but stumbled on one particularly imbecile customer agent and didn’t even bother to try again.
      I was sure anyway I wouldn’t have played on FB.

      I did miss the game but it was more an ocd than anything else and basically took all my free time.
      For sure I’ll never play another online game even again and I am sure many other who felt likewise screwed.
      Many games that are bound to close, get bought over by smaller companies that manage to keep them alive but Disney would never let someone else run their characters.
      So congratulations to Disney for sucking ass.

      • Pat

        You must agree that when PVP would start and some guy would have 40 wins in the first hour, something was wrong because even using an 8X speed hack you’d kill yourself to fight 20 battles in that time. 40? the guy must have had an instant win hack somehow in place! it would take up to 1 minute or more for the battles to load at times.

        • Threshold

          I never noticed that on PD although there were always some really questionable top winners.
          I personally never cheated in PVP being the only thing I enjoyed.
          I didn’t even slot weapons and sometimes I didn’t even buy the new items although i obviously could.

  • Bill Grey

    R. I. P. The millions of dollars and hours that cried out in terror and were silenced because of this game. Please go play Undertale instead!

  • Doug Koehler

    Playdom has been waiving a deadly carrot in front of the horse for year. They would offer us a product and as soon as they got our money, nerf it. Now the carrot has led us to a cliff. I wish we could bring a class action lawsuit against these people! They convinced us the game was improving.They offered us flight suits and new empowered isos and we took the bait. Many of us spent real money to obtain these things with the idea of future combat. They knew they were going to close the game and they put all this in front of us anyway. There has to be a law broken here somewhere.

  • Jason Smiley

    I don’t understand why they don’t just stop adding new content and leave the game going. Maybe setup like an “unlimited pvp” setup so people can play for rank for fun. I don’t know how much money it would be to only host, but I would think they would want something like this to last forever

  • Argosrule

    NEVER, EVER will I play a FB game or give any money to Disney. ASSHATS!

  • Daniel Max Shaw

    I disagree with your assumption that we players will simply go to one of their other games. After 4 years ago I don’t think we really care to start the process all over

  • Jim Crone

    I think this just sucks, PERIOD. I’ve been playing AA2 since it started and have spent enough $$ to be EXTREMELY pissed off!! No refunds, no more gameplay after 9/30, no damn consideration at all for the people who have played theses games both loyally & faithfully. All just FRIGGIN WASTED!!

  • Someone

    I have to ask what the point of Playdom putting out another special op when there just going to shut the game down this month. Why should people put any more effort into this game when they are just going to lose everythin anyway.

    • Chris Dey

      I’m working through it but it looks like they are finishing the storylines which is nice, I guess… the rewards are very generous so the last month should be a good send off, if you are like me I want to at least play to the very end (after being there on day 1 too)

  • Robert Betts

    And so ends my Facebook gaming career. This was the last game I joined and I ditched all the others. No reason to replace it. I won’t go through this level of effort to feel this disillusionment again.

    Just kidding! It’s a game. It’s not eternal. I wish it lasted another 10 years but that’s not to be. But I seriously won’t be joining any other games. Not worth it.

  • Agustin Ugarte (Gmail)

    I just wrote to support: “The fact Disney have decided to close this game feels so wrong. Like the trust all us legit players placed has been betrayed. I don´t think this is the way to go. Since making marvel lovers feel this sad… I have been a free player for years, spent a lot of time playing, and even a lot of time planning my game, as in which heroes to get first, in order to unlock which missions and rewards… i have always been a free player though, but as the big marvel fan i am ive always gone to the movies when released… but now, i am not sure disney will deserve any of my money anymore (or time), since you are taking already so much from us… i wonder what Stan Lee would think of this… i don´t really expect no one to read this anymore 🙁 will have to keep my expectations on Disney´s respect for marvel players way lower now”

  • Miralenka

    They shouldn’t have wasted money on crap like Tactics and MAA2, they should have improved MAA. Anyway, I’m just glad we still have Marvel Heroes.

  • Roberto Carrizo

    yeah too sad today,i woke up with this news,a lot of time invested in this amazing game,very sad,no other free game like this to replace on facebook,i will really miss these days.

  • Darren James Seeley

    It’s a shame. Namor wasn’t even a playable character….but I’m kind of ticked. What is the point in playing the Spec ops now? …let’s say you win Warlock. Say hello, say goodbye. And if you didn’t win the character- is it that big of a loss? It’s not like the character will make it through training to L12.. What’s the point of training ANY hero now?

    They ade a heroic battle with Cammi and Drax tough, and i almost beat it it. so close. Now- why bother?

    Chapter 12. All those rewards- very generous. Tony’s summer sale “we’ll do it again next year”

    Couldn’t they have waited until Doctor Strange has his film/and/or at the end of the year?

    MA1 was one of the few games I played, been there from the start.

    Sure, there were hacks, some cheaters and sandbaggers but there are hundreds more who played the game legit too.

    • NgTurbo

      Agree Darren, the thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth though.. why not just let the game stay open without content updates?

      That is the least Playdom/Disney could do after so many players spent a lot of money on the game and worked through their roster for 2 years.

      • Tom Bacon

        It’s because a game like this runs on powerful (and expensive) servers.

        • Leander Meala van Mayfair

          not really

        • Pat

          Utter nonsense…MAA runs on Facebooks servers. They moved over to them years ago to save money.

        • Tom Bacon

          And they still pay for those. Oh, and there’s maintenance costs – the moment FB tweaks their platform, aspects of the game will need recoding. Even when you’re no longer releasing content, you need staff still monitoring the game and supporting it.

      • SIlentwalker

        the game is overran by hackers, both pve and pvp.. maybe one of the reasons why they are shutting down!

        • Eric H

          They actually fixed the hacker problems a while back but it seems it got bad again recently and PD/DI seemed to just not care any more, which should have been a big clue on the future of the game.

        • Pat

          The Brandon Trainer has been around since 2013 and still works to this very day. They periodically fixed certain hacks. About a year and a half ago people started noticing that extremely weak players were making it into the high ranks of pvp as an ultimate hack was working that just froze the opposing team in PVP

    • Anwar Al Hussaini

      your speech made me cry almost.. so sad bro.. Disney is so miser.. always wanting profit.. curse on them!!

    • Eric H

      There’s been an almost constant fear over the game closing ever since Disney restructured PD’s MAA staff a couple years back, which basically cut off all personal interaction we had with them. Before this meddling, the producers, artists, and writer would give us near constant updates and would answer a lot of our questions. But since, we only got updates just before new content drops and if something went wrong. This year, the writing on the wall became much clearer the past few months as the forums went away with little explanation, SOs and general release heroes became much more seldom, and they started doing massive giveaways. Really sucks to see Disney get rid of this game so they can go after another cash grab with the valuable intellectual properties they own.