Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One release doubt Vs PS4 exclusive

There is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment on whether Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out for Xbox One. This is due to the recent discovery of the game being removed from the Japanese Xbox Store.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 release date is still unknown, but now there’s rumors suggesting that it may have become a PS4 exclusive.

We don’t believe it ourselves just yet, but take a look at the current Japanese listing for the game – or lack of in this case.


You can see what it looked like here before the removal. Square-Enix nor Microsoft have commented on this yet, while it’s important to note that the Kingdom Hearts 3 listing on the Microsoft Store in the US is still active at the time of writing.

What is going on here, would you be shocked if Kingdom Hearts 3 ended up a PS4 exclusive?

Xbox One owners, leave a comment below if you will be very angry if this happens.



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