Final Fantasy 7 Remake news not coming at TGS 2016

For those that are feeling starved of Final Fantasy 7 Remake news and were expecting to see something at Tokyo Game Show 2016 this month, we have a quick reminder that this won’t be happening just yet.

Square-Enix is still not ready to give any fresh FF7 Remake news just yet and will instead use the upcoming expo to showcase other games.

Some of these games include Final Fantasy XV, World of Final Fantasy and the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider – at last.


Sadly the game we all want to hear about will be missing and hopefully we’ll have some fresh info on the game soon once Square-Enix has finished everything they need to with Final Fantasy XV – now due out in November.

Are you desperate to see another FF7 Remake gameplay trailer to calm fears about the episode format that the game will release with?

It seems we are getting three episodes for the game, with each one the size of Final Fantasy 13. We still don’t know if each episode will be full price, but we’re willing to bet that they might be.

Let us know how you are dealing with the frustrating wait for new FF7 Remake info.

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