FIFA 17 ratings 10-4 revealed today

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2016

We once again look forward to the next batch of official FIFA 17 ratings being revealed by EA and today it is time to look at the FIFA 17 ratings 10-4, with EA saving the final three until Friday.

We all know that the final three are going to be Suarez, Ronaldo and Messi but what about the other seven players?

For those that are not aware, we also know who they will be and EA has actually already revealed two of the ratings officially in a recent video.


These are Neuer who will be 92 and Boateng who will be 90, but the big question is what position will they be in the rankings?

The list of FUT 17 10-4 players will include the following

De Gea
Boateng (90)
Neuer (92)

What position and ratings would you give them? Tell us your predictions in the comments for fun and come back later for the official reveal.

For those asking what time will EA reveal the FIFA 17 ratings 10-4, this should be between 5-6PM UK time.

Update: Confirmed ratings are as follows!

10.De Gea 90
9. Lewandowski 90
8. Boateng 90
7. Ibrahimovic 90
6. Bale 90
5. Neuer 92
4. Suarez 92!

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  • syo

    wtf.. why suarez isn’t in the top 3????

  • NgTurbo

    EA had one job to update their website on time..

  • Isco22

    Ibrahimovic (90?)
    De Gea (91?)
    Boateng (90)
    Bale (90?)
    Lewandowski (90?)
    Neymar (90?)

    Suarez (91)

    Neuer (92)

  • NgTurbo

    Do you guys think the ratings are correct above, if not how would you change!