FIFA 16 Deadline Day FUT transfers release time

We now switch our attention back to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, as there’s now the small matter of EA transferring all of the Deadline Day transfers into FUT 16.

The record for the most spent in the Premier League has been broken and with hundreds of transfers being made, EA is definitely going to be very busy getting every transfer done.

We see a lot of you asking when the Deadline Day Summer transfers will be put into FUT 16, with some even thinking that this will happen today, Thursday September 1.

However, we have a heads-up on this to say that it’s unlikely to be done straight away. We know this as last year, EA waited until September 4 to put all of the latest transfers in the game.


With this in mind, we can estimate that the new transfers will be ready by Monday or Tuesday. You can keep checking this yourself by refreshing this Google Doc – this is the official file that EA will update.

We’ll let you know as soon as they are ready, as it means that the likes of David Luiz, Jack Wilshere, Bony, Mustafa and others will be at their new clubs.

Which player are you waiting to see transferred?



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