WatchOS 3 GM download live next week

With Apple sending out invites a couple of days ago for their Sept. 7 event, this could also signal that the WatchOS 3 GM download will be live next week as well.

Even though Apple has yet to confirm the specific release date for WatchOS 3, there is a very good chance that more details will be revealed during the annual Special Event on September 7, and if this is the case, then the Gold Master release time will be anytime during or moments after the keynote.

4 key watchOS 3 features

We already know so much about the third instalment of WatchOS, and so we very much doubt in new additions or surprises to the OS. However, what Apple could do is to announce the launch of the Apple Watch 2, which we know is long overdue, as the current model does need a few new additions.

If we had to make our best guess based on what we have been reading, then we suspect a possible release date of September 14. Thankfully, we do not have too long to wait, as we suspect that if we were to hear anything, then it will be during that press event next Wednesday, which is one week from today.

In terms of features and specs we have already covered this on a number of occasions, but needless to say, Apple has to make certain that their next Watch comes with improved health and fitness features.



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