PS Plus September 2016 lineup confirmed

By Alan Ng - Aug 31, 2016

Sony has still not revealed what the free games are for PS Plus September 2016. The wait is killing gamers as you can expect, with some fearing that the lineup may not bring the AAA games that they want to see. Update: Lineup is confirmed, skip to bottom of article to see it!

Microsoft has already revealed what is coming to Games with Gold, so all eyes are on what Sony will give out for free this time.

Remember that the PS Plus games will be live on Tuesday September 6, so we are expecting the announcement plus the PS Plus September lineup video at any moment.

It could be today, or it could be tomorrow but it is definitely coming this week so stay tuned. We don’t have long to wait so what are you hoping to see for September’s lineup?


Some of the strong rumors again include Watch Dogs, while we’ve also seen Knack mentioned too in many prediction threads. WWE 2K16 was offered on Xbox Live last month so is it Sony’s turn to give away the game for free before WWE 2K17 arrives?

Remember that the price of PS Plus is increasing by $10 in the US for 12 month subscriptions, so now would be a good time for Sony to offer a knockout title to soften the blow.

Leave your final predictions below and check back for the announcement once it’s live!

The confirmed lineup is as follows:


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  • NgTurbo

    Lineup has been confirmed, is everyone happy with Journey and Lords of the Fallen?