Poodlecorp DDOS takes EA, Blizzard servers down

By Alan Ng - Aug 31, 2016

We are hearing about some unfortunate news now, in relations to a possible reason why Battlefield 1 and also WoW Legion servers have been down recently with unexpected maintenance.

Another hacking group has entered the scene, by the name of Poodlecorp who are following on in the footsteps of Lizardsquad in trying to gain attention via social media by launching DDOS attacks against popular games.

Blizzard recently celebrated the launch of Legion for World of Warcraft, while EA has just opened up beta testing for Battlefield 1. According to a recent Tweet from Poodlecorp though, they don’t want you to have fun.


Obviously, we can’t say if the claims are true or not but we do know that Battlefield 1 servers have been offline for a prolonged period of time.

Did a WoW DDOS really happen again with Blizzard CS taking a pounding as a result? Give us your thoughts on this on whether you believe the rumors.

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  • anthony foster

    I think it will take sometime for the billz servers to be backed up and repaired or replaced. by 1-2 days maybe more,

  • Фома

    Водка селедка балалайка. Машина Володя автомат Калашникова. Москва Путин.

  • Cacho

    Was wondering why I couldn’t log into SW Battlefront all night. I suppose the DDOS attack did make me spend more time with my wife. Perhaps a big DDOS attack like this on big companies with large server infrastructures every once in a while is a good fitness test to make them stronger in the future. But I also read that DDOS’ing isn’t really hacking, it’s just cheap spamming and doesn’t take any computer science skills, so has no honor in it.

  • Rage Naldo

    I hope they get cancer

  • The Hammer

    I’ve been playing BF1 since 3am on the 30th, and it got pretty boring
    after a few hours, tho that was in part due to stupid ppl not being able
    to work together, but this single map over and over… it’s pretty much
    spread out too much on the outsides and waay too tight in the middle.
    It’s no BF3 beta Operation Metro that’s for sure! I wouldn’t be
    surprised if EA took down their own servers lol, they were getting progressively buggier as more ppl started playing. When I was first playing, it was pretty smooth on ultra.

    • Itz_Hatts

      Yesterday, I was running the game on ultra at around 40-60 fps. After I updated the new Nvidia driver today I dipped down to around 25-40 fps on low. I don’t know if its the driver or EA themselves. Also, I can’t even connect to the server as of right now either. Ughh

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez

    Well, there goes my afternoon plan.

  • João Oliveira

    Crazy idea, guys… If their goals is attention what about we stop giving them publicity? You can still publish your story… Simply blur their name off of the tweets…

    • Sean Frimmel


    • Fire2box

      publicity is icing. ruining gamer’s day and making companies look like idiots is their goal.

  • Ravenschild

    Happening for a second day on SWTOR. What a bunch of douchenozzles.

  • Scrappy “I’ll fold yo ass” Doo

    If this is true, why did they have to do this? Wtf is the point in this?

    • Raul Lugo

      Maybe Activision paid them to harass EA

      • Rafael Da Silva

        I wiish the people who are doing this Die!

      • Sticky Notes

        Blizzard is Activision…

    • Brian

      It’s called the evil in some people’s hearts !!! No care for others and no fear of God !!! Hell awaits !!!

  • irapepoodles69

    wow these poodles faggitz… i guess they got tired from fuckin their sisters and they were like “eehh lets ddos someone lul”

  • Shawn

    They say they hacked Pokémon GO, because if that’s all people do with their time they should get a life…. Coming from the little babies sitting on their computer in their parents basement, with nothing else better to do than hack… Yea we are the ones who def need a life….

    • Danny

      Stfu lmao

    • Sean Frimmel


  • Fox E Salazar

    Fake, I work of MS in Networking and I can tell you they have nothing to do with the Servers. Just a bunch of Nobody’s trying to get famous off of a normal thing.

  • Victor Victory

    Do those kids feel special?

  • Martin Hore

    Problem is any little kid can ddos. Oh poor you. did Daddy not give you enough love?

  • decksoutforharambe

    “Remember that time we stopped people from playing a video game? Man, I’m so famous and rich now.” ~~ No one ever.

  • Virnun Blaked


  • 787b1

    Put these losers in jail

    • Jim Steele

      or in the hospital

      • MrAlphaArc

        how about the hospital section of a jail? xD

  • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

    People losing their minds online is what gets these 12 year olds off.

    No way to stop it, they’ll just keep ruining other people’s fun because someone didn’t get enough love from mommy and daddy.

    • Jim Steele

      Find one and beat them with a hammer, it will stop.

      • Overlord

        God damn I like the idea! Hammer Smashed Face!

    • Chris

      They probably have a civil case against them for ruining the image of the company and their products by making them look shitty.

  • Zeno

    it’s a low act to ddos an open beta, of course the servers will already be struggling, even WITHOUT the ‘hackers’.

  • Scott Korba

    Yeah, lash out at EA and annoy 100,000 people. Maybe you could leave out the 100,000 next time. Pointless, petty, thuggery.