New MacBook Pro 2016 specs possibly confirmed by ASUS

By Peter Chubb - Aug 31, 2016

ASUS could have revealed the specs of the new MacBook Pro, with the launch of their 2016 ZenBook 3 during Computexwell, one major part of those specifications anyway.

The computer maker introduced the ZenBook 3 back in May, but decided to reintroduce it during IFA 2016 earlier today. One main difference is that it will come with the very much desired Kaby Lake processor. What we find so significant about this is how most rumors supported each other in the respect that the only Kaby Lake CPUs that would be ready in time for production this year were the low-powered ones – but this new laptop update proves otherwise.

New MacBook Pro inspired by iPad

We know we also reported that the 2016 MacBook Pro specs would not include Kaby Lake processors, but we are now starting to rethink this because of the new generation Intel Core i7 processor being part of the configuration options for the new ZebBook 3. It will not come cheap though, although this is to be expected.

Taking this latest news into consideration, maybe the next MacBook Pro update might actually be a worthwhile upgrade after all? The current model is showing signs of age, and therefore Apple needs to offer a worthy update, and so a bump to Kaby Lake would go a long way in making people happy.

However, another is the rumoured OLED touchscreen feature, and fresh news has come to light that shows yet more evidence that the 2016 MacBook Pro will come with a functions display that can be customized.

Do you think that we are likely to see these two additions on the next MacBook Pro update?

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