Best weapon in Battlefield 1 MP-18 VS M1918

By Alan Ng - Aug 31, 2016

Are you having fun with the Battlefield 1 beta? If so, we want you to participate in what seems to be the biggest debate on social media right now – what is the best gun in Battlefield 1 between the MP-18 VS the Automatico M1918?

These two weapons seem better than the rest and we want you to tell us and other BF1 players who are just starting the beta, which one is better.

The Automatico M1918 is available on the Assault kit and it seems that the Trench variant is the one that everyone is using the most.


However, the MP-18 Trench sub-machine gun is also being used heavily by beta players and it’s also available on the Assault kit.

What is the best weapon in Battlefield 1 between these guns, which one are you currently using the most? We’re gonna open a poll on Twitter and see which gun wins by the end of the week – participate and join in!

Added some gameplay below for you to see.

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