Is Marvel Future Fight Carnage T2 OP or not

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2016

We were right about Netmarble giving Marvel Future Fight players a quick-fire T2 update before the next major content patch. Now, Carnage has his T2 ability in the game and we already have some gameplay for you to enjoy.

If you have Carnage unlocked and maxed out, you may want to use a T2 ticket on him straight away as it looks like he has now become one of the most ‘OP’ characters thanks to his T2 ability.

This ability is appropriately called ‘Maximum Carnage’ and the full description of it is as follows below:


As you can see it gives 6 seconds of invincibility when using Insanity Strike. That’s on top of 54% increase to all skill damage plus a further 45% bonus damage for 10 seconds.

Is this going to be a game changer to the meta of Future Fight? You could be looking at the new way of dealing with Thanos in timeline mode as you’ll be able to stay alive whenever he uses his 6-star against you whilst healing back too don’t forget.

Watch the first Future Fight Carnage T2 gameplay from 10-8 story mode and Vs Black Dwarf in WB below and let us know if you are using a ticket on him straight away. Note that with high cooldown, you can basically stay invincible forever!

Simple question: Is T2 Carnage OP or not?

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