Battlefield 1 beta insider code email missing

By Alan Ng - Aug 29, 2016

Today is supposed to be the day in which EA sent Battlefield 1 beta insider codes by email, allowing for those that signed up to take advantage of Battlefield 1 beta early access.

The only problem is that it appears that in some cases, EA has still not sent out BF1 beta insider codes to everyone.

While some have received theirs, others have not and you can see evidence of this here with everyone asking when the codes will be sent.


It goes without saying that you should check your junk mail box in case the code has been sent there already and you missed it.

Are you waiting for your code to be sent and getting worried that you cannot start playing on August 30? We want to know how many gamers this is happening to, so leave a comment below if you are in the same situation right now – what platform?

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  • ApocalypticAI

    it is 10:44 – 31-802016 here in the netherlands by now (roughly 8 hours later then the american east coast) and I still have not recieved my beta code. I was already signed up as an insider with platform preference about 2-3 weeks before the 21st of august. Very dissapointed 🙁

    • ApocalypticAI

      Oh, and my platform is PC

  • Wajih Halby


  • Tom B.

    Pc no code:/

  • Wajih Halby

    the code generator tool is dead – EA 2016

  • NgTurbo

    How hard was it for EA to get this done smoothly, seriously?

    • Big Boss

      It’s 12:03 pm here and I still didn’t get a code.

  • Haltfire302

    Xbox One, no code

  • fifaaddict101

    ps4- no code

  • Aaron Harvey

    PS4 – no code – 31/08/16 over here too and my mate has one

  • Kengip Tou

    PC no code its 8/31/2016 over here already

  • mclarenf1lm15

    PC no code

  • Amar Morris

    Ps4 no code

  • Dylan

    PC no code yet

  • ahmad

    Xbox one no code

  • Callum

    PS4 No code

  • Harold D

    pc no code

    Dice lie? Say it ain’t so.

    • Bronstantine

      Can’t really be a lie if I’ve been playing it for the past 2 hours.

      • Harold D

        It’s a subtle point, but the claim wasn’t that if people signed up for insider YOU would get a code. The claim was that the people who signed up for insider WOULD get a code. Not sure if that is clear enough.

  • Den

    PC no code

  • Lophorex

    Ea has disappointed me. Ea should not promise the keys -.-
    I’am Pc Insider long time and didn`t get any key

    • Harold D

      same, signed up and purchased first day.

  • Big Boss

    Xbox no code. Sigh.

  • GarridiN

    PC no code

  • Mr tea db

    Signed up for insider in mid July, I have friends on Xbox live playing it all day but I still haven’t received a code.

  • Dion

    No code ps4

  • mark


  • JakefromStateFarm

    PC still no code

  • Toast Killer

    no code for pc 🙁

  • KOS1

    No code either Xbox one

  • Holger

    no fckn code… thanks for nothing EA n DICE