urBeats 2nd generation with wireless features next month?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 25, 2016

With the iPhone 7, or iPhone 6 SE, as some people are calling it due for release next month, there is one area of concern that we have already touched on, which is the lack of headphone jack. If this is in fact true, then we are sure to see Apple push the other part of their business, and that is Beats headphones.

Let’s say for one moment that the next iPhone will do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, then Apple will want to offer some alternatives to stop you going to third-party headphones, and this is where Beats come in. A fine example would be for the unveil and release of the urBeats 2nd generation with wireless features in September.

iPhone 7 audio via Lightning input

The current model has not been updated in a while, and the current version does not offer a wireless option, something that would need to be addressed if the 2016 iPhone does not come with that traditional socket. Some of you will now be saying there are wireless ones, but let’s just be clear on this – they are Chinese knockoffs, and so you need to be careful just what you are buying.

We know that Beats still make a heap of money because it’s not only iPhone users that want these brand of headphones, but Apple will want Beats to offer owners of the new iPhone a selection of supposed headphones and earphones, and it’s urBeats 2 that would make perfect sense to be the first model to start this new trend.

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